Combining nature & design to transform your floors and countertops.
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Repairs & restoration

Repairing & restoring your floors and countertops since 1979.

From chips and scratches to marks and cracks, we've got you covered.

Often includes injecting epoxy under pressure into the cracks to permanently "weld" them back together.


Diamond Grinding

Process whereby the floor is grinded down with a diamond pad attached to a heavy rotary machine.

Stones have a tendency to shift, creating small gaps in the floor or chipped edges, which can be potentially dangerous. Lippage removal restores your stone/tile to a balanced state.


Removing old grout from between stone/tile cracks and forcing new grout into the seams.


Having stains on your stone surfaces will make or break the appearance of your floor/countertop. Make it look brand new again with classic stain removal.


A high pressured mechanical sprayer is used to remove mold, grime, dust, mud & dirt.

Pressure Washing

Cleaning is a good option for those who want to remove dirt & stains from their grout without actually replacing it.



An important element of any stone work.

Processes as simple as removing stains & dirt from between stones or tiles can completely transform your floors.


Both commercial & residential stone polishing.

Giving your countertops & floors the pristine appearance they've been waiting for.

Smoothing stone with abrasives. Followed by a highly-reflective finish on the surface of the stone.


Process that uses a steel wool pad with a weighted floor machine & acid solution to bring a polish to stone floors.


fine art restoration

Crack Repair

It is extremely difficult to bring a piece of fine art back to its original state, but we do our best to repair its damage and bring it back to its original state.


Some pieces of stone art simply need a boost to its appearance after years of exposure to the environment. Waxing helps to bring back the original luster the stone once had.